Saturday, October 1st

7:00 to 3:00



1.  Even numbered years are daytime Classic Events.

2.  This is a No Entry Fee Event

3.  You must have qualified for this event by participating in the required

      number of tournaments, which for 2022 was 7 events.

4.  Your options for this event are:

         a. You may fish alone

         b. You may fish with a member of your immediate family

         c. You may fish with another FOCAS member, regardless if he/she

             qualified or not.

5.  You may fish Barkley and Kentucky lakes only.

6.  This daytime event will use a 5 fish limit.   Payout will be:

         a. 1st, 2nd, 3rd places

         b. Big Smallmouth and Largemouth Pots

         c. Big Other Species

2022 Qualifiers:  

Sam Henry

Brandon Henderson

James Shelton

Chris Crick

Clint Huntsman

Clint Haley

Justin Cessna

Curtis Crick

Curtis Smith

Brian Taylor

Ricky Flores

DeWayne West

DJ Crick

Tyler Stevenson

Club Classic Event