The FOCAS Classic was designed to reward the members that participated in the majority of the events during the season.   On even numbered years, a daytime Classic is held and on odd numbered years, we have a night Classic. In this no-entry event, teams are fishing for a traveling trophy with all past winners engraved on the sides, as well as a portion of the funds that are generated throughout the season, mainly from our OPEN events.  

To earn the berth into the 2024 Classic, anglers must earn 10 Qualifying points.   Each tournament is worth 1 point, unless it falls into a double points event.   Each of the 2 travel tournaments are double points and we will select a different event to highlight each season for double value.  This year the Church Leader Appreciation Day was selected as a double point event:

         -1 point for each participating event

         -2 points for Lake Chickamauga Event

         -2 points for Lake Guntersville Event

         -2 points for participating in the Church Leader Appreciation Day

We will continue the "New Member" bonus that is awarded for getting a person to become a new member.   (This is one per season and cannot be in your own household)

         -1 point "New Member Bonus"