Big Fish Club Tournament

Scott Schrock

Largemouth   1st Place

March 23, 2024   This tournament is unique in that everyone is fishing as an individual instead of a team.   Each of the 19 anglers were to bring their biggest largemouth and biggest smallmouth to the scales.    Windy conditions made it tough to fish, and the smallies were hiding, but a several good largemouth were caught!

Also Participated

James Barrineau

Matt Duckworth

David Hensley

Tim Donaldson

Curtis Smith

Clint Huntsman

Bradley Miller

Ricky Flores

Nate Stewart

Matt Lake

Curtis Crick

Largemouth Category

                     1.   5.16     Scott Schrock

                     2.   4.22     Sam Henry

                     3.   4.15     Brandon Henderson

                     4.   3.68     Mason Byers

                     5.   3.64     James Shelton

                     6.   2.99     Brad Chalfin

                     7.   1.90     Chris Crick

                     8.   1.76     Joe Sandefur

Sam Henry

Smallmouth   1st Place

Brandon Henderson

Largemouth   3rd Place

Sam Henry

Largemouth   2nd Place

Smallmouth Category

                                     1.   3.83     Sam Henry


James Shelton

Largemouth   5th Place

Mason Byers

Largemouth   4th Place

Brad Chalfin

Largemouth   6th Place