2023 July OPEN Night Tournament

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1.     5     16.56     Clint Knight and Noah Morgan

2.     5     16.40     Clint Haley and Brandon Quillin

3.     5     15.36     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

4.     5     14.79     Sam Henry and Mason Byers

5.     5     11.72     Clint Huntsman and James Shelton

6.     5     11.47     Curtis Smith and Brad Chalfin

7.     5     10.43     Brian Taylor and Justin Cessna

8.     3       7.69     Mike and Katie Starcher

                             Jordan Cessna and Kelby Chewning

                             DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

                             Shawn Keaton and Jeremiah Catlin

                             David Hicks and Steve Higgins  

                             Damon Brown and Jamey Marganti



Big Largemouth    5.00    Clint Knight and Noah Morgan

Big Smallmouth    4.42    Sam Henry and Mason Byers

Noah Morgan and Clint Knight

1st Place and Big Largemouth

Brandon Quillin and Clint Haley

2nd Place

Sam Henry and Mason Byers

Big Smallmouth