2023 July FOCAS/CAST

Club Event

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Ty Redden and Craig Hipsher

2nd Place and Big Largemouth


1.     3   10.05    Brian Taylor and Brian Baker

2.     3     9.45    Ty Redden and Craig Hipsher

3.     3     8.86    Nick Porter and Barrett Washburn  

4.     3     8.71    Mike and Josiah Spanner

5.     3     8.50    Clint Knight and Noah Morgan

6.     3     8.30    Justin and Brandon Henderson

7.     3     8.07    Clint Huntsman and Tom Bartlett

7.     3     8.07    DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

9      3     7.78    Carlton McCustian and Wes Pryor

10.   3     7.47    James Shelton and Eric Dixon

11.   3     6.76    Clint Haley and Brandon Quillin

12.   3     6.08    Sam Henry and Mason Byers

13.   3     5.79    Ricky and Phillip Toon

14.   2     5.62    Tyler and Emma Fesus

15.   2     4.40    Randy and Debbie Johnson

16.   1     3.44    Chris and Curtis Crick

17.   1     2.58    James Lee and Tim Yates

                          Curtis Smith and Chappy Catlin

                          Tyler and Clayton Bradshaw

                          David Lindsey and Barry G.

                          Arther and Arther, Jr Thompson

                          Chris Cox and Tyler Collier

                          Lonnie Means  

                          Jerry Goheen and Chuck Rounds

                          Randy Grace and Chuck Allen

                          Joe Sandefur and Tyler Stevenson

                          JD Merritt and Troy Hollowell

                          Jerimiah Redden and Nathan Pirtle

                          Tim Griggs and Chase

                          Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

                          Joey McCuiston

Big Largemouth     5.45     Craig Hipsher

Big Smallmouth     4.50     Brian Taylor

Big Other Drum      10.70     Nick Porter

Brian Baker and Brian Taylor

1st Place and Big Smallmouth

Nick Porter and Barrett Washburn

3rd Place

Josiah and Mike Spanner

4th Place

Nick Porter

Big Other

Friday Night, July 21st     FOCAS hosted their fellow Christian Fishing Ministry, CAST for an event.   Former FOCAS member, Tim Yates helped to create CAST, which stands for Christian Anglers Serving Together.   They are mainly based out the western side of Kentucky Lake and it very similar to FOCAS.  

     A good turnout of 31 boats was awesome with all anglers were treated to good meal and devotional before the tournament.  We also used our "C'mon Partner" rules, were BOTH anglers must contribute to make a 3 fish limit.