2022 "Church Leader Appreciation" Evening

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1.     5    15.72    Sam Henry and Trevor Jones

2.     5    15.50    Brandon and William Quillin

3.     3      9.40    James Shelton and Brad Chalfin

                           Chappy Catlin and Tim Smith

                           Mason and Chuck Byers  


Church Leader Big Fish     3.67     Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones and Sam Henry

1st Place

For the first time FOCAS history,  the "Church Leader" Appreciation Day is actually a night event.   Anglers and their guests were provided a meal the Kenlake Restaurant and then enjoyed an evening on Kentucky Lake as the sun set into the night.    Anglers returned at 11pm to show off their catch!

Chappy Catlin

Tim Smith

Brandon Quillin

William Quillin

Trevor Jones

Sam Henry

Mason Byers

Chuck Byers

Brad Chalfin

James Shelton

Brandon and William Quillin

2nd Place

Brad Chalfin and James Shelton

3rd Place