2023 MLF Event

Little River,  Lake Barkley

Nick Porter and Thomas Jobe

1st Place

1.       7     17.21     Nick Porter and Thomas Jobe

2.       6     16.99     Scott and Gavin Schrock

3.       8     14.76     TJ Ferry

4.       2       5.27     Jermi and Ty Redden

5.       2       5.03     Sam Henry and Mason Byers

6.       1       2.59     James and Mason Shelton  

7.       1       2.11     Curtis Smith and Harlon Fields

8.       1       1.95     Tim Yates and Mike Parmer

                               Ricky Flores and Peter Paccione

                               Greg Sharp and Keith Adams


Big Largemouth        4.89     Scott Schrock

Big Smallmouth        2.83     Sam Henry

Big Other Species    2.87     Jermi Redden  (catfish)

Scott and Gavin Schrock

2nd Place and Big Largemouth

Those that participated last year in this event had such a good time, we decided to have a MLF format event again this year, but this time on Barkley confined to Little River being the only allowable water to fish.   A few boats figured out the pattern and reported their catch in real time and sent it out via the Scoretracker group text.  

Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth

Ty Redden

Mason Shelton

Jermi Redden

Big Other