2023 Memorial OPEN

Night Tournament

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1.     5     15.44     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

2.     5     13.13     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

3.     5     12.78     Damon and Rylin Brown     

4.     5     12.38     Jermi and Ty Ridden

5.     4     11.80     Clint Haley and Brandon Quillin

6.     4     10.22     Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

7.     4       9.78     Brian Taylor and Justin Cessna

8.     4       8.37     Puggy DeBarry and Robert Stanford

9.     3       6.74     Ryan and Michael Watson

10.   1       5.33     Sam Henry and Mason Byers

                             Justin and Brandon Henderson

                             Tyler Stevenson and Joe Sandefur

                             Mike and Katie Sturcher

                             Richard Estes and Chris Roberts

                             Austin Hazlewood

                            Curtis Smith and Jeremiah Catlin

                            Jordan Hampton and Trey Carr

                            DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

                            Tanner Fernlund and Andrew Bailey

                            Rickey Flores

                            Ethan Rodgers and Gill Hopper


Big Largemouth    5.33     Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth    3.88     Justin Cessna

James Shelton and Scott Schrock

2nd Place

Justin Cessna

Big Smallmouth

Cory York and Craig Hipsher

1st Place

Rylin and Damon Brown

3rd Place

Sam Henry

Big Largemouth