2020 September OPEN Night Tournament

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1.     5     19.71     Mike and Morgan Staples

2.     5     15.76     Steve Ladd

3.     5     12.46     Brad Washburn and James Foster

4.     5     11.58     James Shelton and Eric Dixon

5.     5     10.09     Craig Hipsher and Ty Reddon

6.     2       6.03     Sam Henry and Greg Sharp

                             Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

                             Steve Bailey and Joe Sandefur     

                             Clint Haley and Steve Stinson

                             Justin and Tony Cessna

                             Michael Sabatino

                             Robert Stanford and Puggy DeBerry

                             David Hicks and Steve Higgins

                             Mark Bray and Troy Casitty

                             Brandon Quillin

                             David Hardin

                             David West

                             Matt Wilson and Dave Rodgers

Big Largemouth     4.82    Mike and Morgan Staples

Big Smallmouth     4.09    Steve Ladd

Mike and Morgan Staples

1st Place

Big Largemouth

Brad Washburn and James Foster

3rd Place

Steve Ladd

2nd Place

Big Smallmouth