2020 July Club  Night Event

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Brandon Quillin and Clint Haley

3rd Place and Big Largemouth

Steve Bailey

Big Smallmouth


1.     5    15.97    James and Mason Shelton

2.     5    13.86    DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

3.     5    13.84    Clint Haley and Brandon Quillin

4.     5    13.10    Hunter Shelton and Jordan Hampton

5.     5    11.88    Scott Schrock and Clint Huntsman

6.     4      8.78    Brandon and Buck Henderson

7.     3      8.24    Steve Ladd

8.     2      6.12    Joe Sandefur and Steve Bailey

                           Justin and Jordan Cessna

                           Mark Bray and Troy Cassity

                           Michael Sabatino and Gary Houha

                           Nate Stewart and Ricky Flores

                           Carson and Randy Grace


Big Largemouth     4.56     Brandon Quillen

Big Smallmouth     3.91     Steve Bailey

Big Other Drum      6.20     Brandon Henderson

Mason and James Shelton

1st Place

Hunter Shelton and Jordan Hampton

DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

2nd Place

Scott Schrock and Clint Huntsman