2021 August OPEN Event

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1.     5     13.52     Sam Henry and Greg Sharp

2.     5     13.40     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

3.     5     10.47     Justin Cessna and Brian Taylor

4.     5       8.87     Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

5.     4       6.98     Clint Knight and Noah Morgan     

6.     3       6.51     Clint Haley

7.     3       5.38     Clint Huntsman and Jordan Hampton

8.     1       3.18     Patrick Harvey and Travis Ashley

                             David Hicks and Steve Higgins

                             Billy and Carson Kline

                             David West and Harlon Fields

                             Craig Hipsher and Ryan Hipsher

                             DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

                             Ryan and Michael Watson

                             Jermi and Ty Redden

                             Steve Ladd and Luke Barnes

                             Michael Sabatino

Big Largemouth     3.86    Sam Henry and Greg Sharp

Big Smallmouth     3.26    James Shelton and Scott Schrock


Greg Sharp and Sam Henry

1st Place and Big Largemouth

Scott Schrock and James Shelton

2nd Place and Big Smallmouth