2018 March Club Tournament

Saturday, March 17th,     Talk about a TOUGH bite!   Normally mid March can bring some BIG weights, but not this one for the 22 anglers that took to Lake Barkey and Kentucky Lake.    Clint and Emily Huntsman probably never imagined that 2 average keepers would take home the win!

Clint and Emily Huntsman

1st Place

Big Smallmouth

James Shelton

Big Largemouth

1.     2     5.23     Clint and Emily Huntsman  

2.     2     4.96     Scott Schrock and Matt Harper

3.     1     4.60     James Shelton and Rob Deason

4.     1     4.18     Donnie and Drake Oliver

5.     1     3.45     Steve Ladd and Steve Stinson

                           Brandon and Justin Henderson

                           Jonathan Grabara and Trace Nunn

                           Hunter Bowen and Scott Brown

                           Brent and Brian McClard

                           Chris Law and Andrew Prock

                           Bronson Rhors and Brian Price

Big Largemouth     4.60     James Shelton

Big Smallmouth     2.77     Clint Huntsman

Big Other Species  11.84   Scott Stinson   (Asian Carp)

Steve Stinson

Big Other Species