2018 April Make Up Club Event

Saturday, April 21st,    Since it snowed on the regular scheduled April Club tourney, a make up event was held.  This time much nicer weather greeted the 10 boats field.   Too bad the fish didn't greet the anglers too!  

Sam Henry and Brent McClard won the event with one big fish.   Sam landed a 6.94 toad to best the field.  

Sam Henry and Brent McClard

1st Place

Big Largemouth

Zach Thomas and Devin Fox

2nd Place

Big Smallmouth

1.     1     6.94     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

2.     2     5.92     Zach Thomas and Devin Fox

3.     1     3.31     Hunter Bowen and Kenny Holman

4.     1     2.73     Mark Bray     

5.     1     2.60     John Durden and Gary Myers

6.     1     1.88     Ty Poe and Steve Marr

                           Steve Ladd and Steve Stinson

                           James Shelton and Robert Deason

                           Chris Law and Cody Miller

                           Allen Woodard

Big Largemouth     6.94     Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth     2.77     Devin Fox

Big Other Species  6.7   Steve Marr   (Gar)

Steve Marr

Big Other Species