2017 May Club Tournament

Last week Lake Barkley was embarrasing with only 2 fish out of 12 anglers.  But this week, the lake provided some great sacks of bass with 3 of the top 4 places.   However, topping the field was young guns, Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo with nearly 21 pounds of Kentucky Lake bass.

Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo

1st Place and Big Smallmouth

Brian Price and Bronson Rhors

2nd Place

1.     5     20.99     Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo

2.     5     20.58     Bronson Rhors and Brian Price

3.     5     19.38     Steve Ladd and Keith Keown

4.     4     14.95     Gary Myers and Bo Stewart  

5.     5     13.95     Scott Schrock and Skeeter Rolley

6.     1       2.68     Nathan and Jimbo Stewart     

                             James Shelton and David Downs

                             Brandon and Justin Henderson

                             Sam Henry


Big Largemouth     5.23     Steve Ladd

Big Smallmouth     3.26     Toby Allbritten

Big Other Species     1.18  (white bass)   Gary Myers    

Keith Keown and Steve Ladd

3rd Place and Big Largemouth

Gary Myers and Bo Stewart

Skeeter Rolley and Scott Schrock