2017 April Club Tournament

With the March club tournament being cancelled due to weather, anglers were eager to hit the water.   With heavy weights showing up lately on Lake Barkley, anglers were hoping for hot action all day.   Unfortunately, the bite was slow.    However, John Durden and Gary Myers got the right bites for an inpressive 18 pound sack of bass.

Gary Myers and John Durden

1st Place

Mason and James Shelton

2nd Place

Big Largemouth

1.     5     18.24     Gary Myers and John Durden  

2.     5     17.57     James and Mason Shelton

3.     5     13.60     Clint Huntsman and Greg Warner

4.     5     11.97     Scott Schrock, Sr and Scott Schrock, Jr.

5.     4      9.75      Robert and Andrew Greene

6.     2      4.89      Steve Ladd and Steve Stinson

Big Largemouth     4.99     James Shelton

Big Smallmouth     2.03     Robert Greene

Big Other Species     3.47 drum      Scott Schrock    

Clint Huntsman and Greg Warner

3rd Place