2016 September Club Tourney

What a beautiful evening to have the last night tournament of the season!   After a good devotion and prayer time, 20 men headed out to see what Kentucky Lake had to offer.

The team of James Shelton and Thad Jones found 5 good ones to set a new FOCAS club record of 19.19 pounds.

        5        19.19        James Shelton and Thad Jones

        5        15.53        John Shackleford and Bryan Baker

        5        15.50        Steve Ladd and David Shanklin

        5        13.98        Andrew Douglas and Zack Martin

        5        13.95        Randall Watkins and Rodney Seay

        5        12.97        Sam Henry and Brent McClard     

        4        11.49        Dale Fentress and James Major

        5        11.25        John Durden and Benji Harper

        3          7.17        Mason Shelton and Ted Martin

        -           ---          David Downs and Skeeter Rolley

Big Largemouth Bass       5.15     James Shelton and Thad Jones 

Big Smallmouth Bass       4.50     Randall Watkins and Rodney Seay    

Big Other Species Pot      9.35  Catfish    Mason Shelton

Thad Jones and James Shelton

1st Place

Big Largemouth

Bryan Baker and John Shackleford

2nd Place

Steve Ladd and David Shanklin

3rd Place

Andrew Douglas and Zack Martin

4th Place

Rodney Seay and Randall Watkins

5th Place

Mason Shelton

Big Other Species