Curtis Smith

Member since 2019

Hometown:  Cadiz, KY

Occupation:  Registered Nurse at Ft Campbell

Wife: Carrie

Children: Tyler, Caleb, Corban, Cecillia

Church: Crossroads Fellowship

Fishing experience: 46 years

Who got me fishing: Uncle Phillip Bentley

Favorite time of year to fish: Late Spring Postspawn

Favorite Lure: Spinnerbait

Boat and Motor: Javelin/Evinrude

Favorite out-of-area body of water: Lake Okeechobee

Dream Trip: Fishing Kentucky Lake with Jacob Wheeler, my wife Carrie and my dad.

Memorable childhood fishing trip:  Fishing the pond beside the house with a hula popper in the shallows with a friend in late summer. Acting like I have a big bass trying to set the hook and a monster bass nails the bait and caught my first 3 pounder.


2021 Classic Champion