Overnight Trip to Lake Guntersville

April 7-9th

We will make a final decison on Friday evening at the meeting, but most likely, we will use the Waterfront Ramp which is located in the mid lake section.   Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a large group of cabins like we had at our other travel lakes.  A few us reserved a house through Airbnb on Siebold Creek, which is the near the middle of the lake on the north side.   The map to the location is below.  There is a large meeting room at the house for the Friday night group meal and meeting.  

There are hotels in Guntersville, Al available if you choose to go that route.   If you want to get a VBRO or Airbnb but want to share the expenses, let James know and he can send out a group text for others that may be looking as well.