June 2023 Lake Chickamauga

Club Travel Event

Curtis Smith and James Shelton

1st Place and Big Largemouth

Clint Huntsman and Tommy Bartlett

2nd Place and 2nd Big Bass

1.     5    17.36    Curtis Smith and James Shelton

2.     5    11.81    Clint Huntsman and Tommy Bartlett

3.     5    10.84    Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

4.     5    10.24    Scott Schrock and David Rose

5.     4      7.56    Nick Porter and Thomas Jobe

6.     3      6.54    Joe Sandefur and Curtis Crick

                           DJ and Dennis Crick

                           Greg and Nathan Sharp


1st Big Largemouth     8.30      Curtis Smith

2nd Big Largemouth    3.09      Tommy Bartlett

Big Other Species        9.20     Clint and Tommy (Drum)

Tommy and Clint

Big Other Species

David Rose and Scott Schrock

Nick Porter and Thomas Jobe

Joe Sandefur and Curtis Crick