2022 MLF Event on Jonathan Creek

Sam Henry

1st Place and Big Largemouth

1.     16 bass     32.92     Sam Henry

2.       7 bass     16.01     Chris Brunn and Brad Flowers

3.       6 bass     14.16     Ricky Flores

4.       7 bass     11.50     James Shelton and Curtis Smith

5.       5 bass       9.98     Scott and Gavin Schrock

6.       4 bass       6.48     DJ and Curtis Crick  



Big Largemouth        3.28     Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth        2.30     Ricky Flores

Big Other Species    1.80      Sam Henry  (white bass)

Brad Flowers (guest with Chris Brunn)

2nd Place

FOCAS is always looking at adding a twist to the norm, so this time we decided to have a MLF format event with Jonathan Creek being the only allowable waters to fish.   Anglers reported their catch as we went through the Scoretracker group text.   Sam Henry wasted no time as he lit it up in the 1st quarter with over 22 pounds!

Ricky Flores

Big Smallmouth

Curtis Smith

Team Schrock

DJ Crick