2021 Memorial OPEN Night Tournament

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1.     5     12.97     Scott Schrock and James Shelton

2.     5     12.52     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

3.     5     11.57     Jordan and Justin Cessna

4.     5     11.51     Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

5.     5     10.76     Ronnie Chandler and Keith Vincent     

6.     5       9.67     Ricky Boggess and Scotty Wells

7.     4       9.28     Jake Hiebert and Jeremy Edwards

8.     4       8.93     Barry and Parker Pendley

9.     3       6.68     Nate Maxwell and Micah Chesser

10.   3       5.55     Clint Knight and John Shackelford

11.   2       4.78     Steve Ladd and Jeremy Knight

                             Clint Haley and Chris Law     

                             Rodney Thomas and DeWayne West

                             Drew Akins and Cody Miller

                             Mike Way and Brad Sweeney

                             Michael and Dominick Sabatino

                             John Paul Johnson and Brandon Fort

                             Edward and Anthony Ethridge

                             Justin and Brandon Henderson

                             David Hicks and Steve Higgins

                             Adam Deidrich and Brain Baker

                             Dylan and Brooklyn Pierce

Big Largemouth    4.76     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

Big Smallmouth    3.41     Ronnie Chandler and Vincent

James Shelton and Scott Schrock

1st Place

Sam Jordan and Justin Cessna

3rd Place

Craig Hipsher and Cory York

2nd Place and Big Largemouth