Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society


2020 April Club Event

Mike and Chris Brunn

1st Place and Big Largemouth

1.     5    16.14    Chris and Mike Brunn

2.     5    11.56    Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

3.     5     9.76     Scott Schrock and Jordan Hampton

4.     2     6.51     Mark Bray and Troy Cassity

5.     2     5.12     Sam and Hannah Henry

6.     1     2.37     Clint Haley and Steve Stinson

                           Justin Cessna and Blake Riley

                           Freddie Vaughn and Rodney Seay

                  Brandon Henderson and Tyler Stevenson

                  Jonathan Grabara and Allen Martin


Big Largemouth        5.97     Chris Brunn

Big Smallmouth        3.85     Troy Cassidy

Big Other Species     2.95 catfish    Jordan Hampton

Jordan Hampton

Big Other Species

Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

2nd Place

Troy Cassity

Big Smallmouth