2019 Memorial Night Tournament

Sunday evening, May 26th    After a brief downpour before the tournament, the 51 anglers blasted off to a hot and humid evening that turned into a beautiful night.  The top 3 bags were less than a pound apart, but a penalty moved Craig Hipshire and Cory York up to the top spot.

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Top 7 Finishers

1.     5     16.71     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

2.     5     16.31     Dale Yates and Freddy Vaughn  

3.     5     15.92     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

4.     4     14.93     Steve Higgins and David Hicks

5.     5     14.68     Clint Huntsman and Hunter Shelton

6.     5     13.45     Gary Myers and John Durden  

7.     5     12.82     Ron Lappin and Keith Vincent  

Big Largemouth     5.19     Steve Higgins and David Hicks

Big Smallmouth     4.74     Craig Hipsher and Cory York    

Freddy Vaughn and Dale Yates

2nd Place

Scott Schrock and James Shelton

3rd Place

Cory York and Craig Hipsher

1st Place and Big Smallmouth

Steve Higgins

Big Largemouth