2019 Barren River Lake

Saturday, May 18th   FOCAS visited Barren River Lake for the first time ever.   The team of Mark Bray and Sam Henry figured out the bite to take the top honors.

Sam Henry and Mark Bray

1st Place

Steve Stinson

Big Largemouth

1.     5     13.29   Mark Bray and Sam Henry

2.     4     9.72     Steve Stinson and Troy Cassity

3.     3     5.79     Scott Schrock and David Rose

4.     3     5.24     Hunter Bowen and Ty Poe

5.     2     3.78     Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

6.     2     3.49     Clint Haley and Chris Law

                          Steve Ladd and James Shelton

Big Largemouth     3.91   Steve Stinson

Big Other Species   3.60   Sam Henry  (catfish)

Troy Cassity and Steve Stinson

2nd Place