2019 March Club Event

Saturday, March 16     With both scheduled February events being cancelled, this was the season opener for FOCAS.   Although the lake was dirty from recent flooding and rains, it was a nice day for the 10 boat field.  

Clint Haley and Steve Stinson

1st Place

Scott Schrock

Big Smallmouth

1.     3   10.32     Steve Stinson and Clint Haley

2.     2     6.54     Zach Thomas and Devin Fox

3.     1     5.67     Clint Huntsman

4.     3     5.63     James and Mason Shelton

5.     2     5.06     Scott Schrock

6.     1     2.90     Jonathan Grabara and Clayton Bradshaw

                           James Kauffman and Justin Brandon

                           Bill and Billy Kline

                           Dale Yates and Freddie Vaughn

                           Gary Myers and John Durden


Big Largemouth     5.67     Clint Huntsman

Big Smallmouth     3.22     Scott Schrock

Big Other Species  11.45   Clayton Bradshaw   (Drum)

Clayton Bradshaw

Big Other

Clint Huntsman

Big Largemouth