2019 July OPEN Night Tournament

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1.     5     16.41     Ray and Stephen Barga

2.     5     15.99     James Shelton and Clint Huntsman

3.     5     14.48     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

4.     5     11.68     Justin Cessna and Brian Taylor

5.     4       9.52     Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

6.     2       4.23     Lee Bearden, Jr and Lee Bearden, III

7.     1       1.98     Ed Rios and Rusty Cook

                             Adam Craig and Josh Burton

                             Mike Way and Mike Taylor

                             Josh and Jeremy Dowdy

                             Greg and Tina Sharp

                             Sam Henry and Brent McClard

                             Chris Brunn and Brad Flowers

                             Steve Higgins and David Hicks

Big Largemouth    5.09     James Shelton and Clint Huntsman

Big Smallmouth    3.68     Craig Hipsher and Cory York

Clint Huntsman and James Shelton

2nd Place and Big Largemouth

Stephen and Ray Barga

1st Place