2019 June Club Night Tournament

Friday night, July 26th     Despite the water hovering helicopter training for several hours, the weather was absolutely beautiful with bright starlight skies!   The 20 anglers started off the tournament with a meal and good devotion by Sam Henry.  

As for the fishing, this is our event where anglers have to travel to all four sides of Ky lake with only 90 minutes in each zone.   It appears that the two boats that drew a Zone 3 started point got the luck of the draw as they brought in hefty bags of bass.

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1.     5     19.01     James Shelton and Curtis Smith

2.     5     16.78     Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

3.     4     11.38     Steve Ladd and Jake Barnes    

4.     3       8.21     Chris and Michael Brunn

5.     3       8.14     Sam Henry and Keith Miller

6.     4       8.00     Clint and Emily Huntsman

7.     3       7.29     Clint Haley and Steve Stinson

8.     1       4.15     David Downs and Skeeter Rolley

                             Mark Bray and Troy Cassity

                             Benjie and Avery Harper

Big Largemouth     5.04     James Shelton

Big Smallmouth     4.18     James Shelton

Big Other Species    .25  Bluegill     Clint Haley

James Shelton and Curtis Smith

1st Place

Big Smallmouth

Big Largemouth

Hunter Shelton and Gary Houha

2nd Place

Clint Haley

Big Other