2019 "C'Mon Partner" Tournament

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1.     3     9.27     Brandon Henderson and Tyler Stevenson

2.     2     7.46     David Downs and Roger Heltsley

3.     3     6.69     Justin Cessna and Brien Taylor

4.     3     6.36     Clint Haley and Brandon Collins

5.     2     4.65     Sam Henry and Bernie Prince

                           James Shelton and Curtis Smith

                           Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

                           Steve Ladd and Wes Rowland

Big Largemouth     3.97     Tyler Stevenson

Big Smallmouth     3.50     Tyler Stevenson

Big Other Species   10.60     Drum     Tyler Stevenson

Tyler Stevenson and Brandon Henderson

1st Place

Big Smallmouth

Big Largemouth

Tyler Stevenson

Big Other Species

Roger Heltsley and David Downs

2nd Place

Friday Night, August 30th      This event is truly a team tournament because both anglers must have a keeper to have the maximum 3 fish limit.   If an angler doesn't manage a keeper, then his partner can only bring in 2 bass.   Brandon Henderson and Tyler Stevenson teamed up for the heaviest 3 bass limit of the tourament.