2019 June Club Night Tournament

Friday night, June 14th      The current conditions are not like normal night fishing conditions.   It is still early in the summer, temperatures have been well below normal and the lake levels are a couple of feet over normal.   But ole Kentucky Lake still pumps out some decent bags of bass.    The team of James and Mason Shelton took home top honors with a healthy 16 pound bag of smallmouth bass.

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1.     5     16.02     James and Mason Shelton

2.     5     13.91     Sam Henry and Bernie Prince

3.     4     12.91     Chris Brunn and Brad Flowers     

4.     3       6.63     Dale Yates and Freddy Vaughn

                             Gary Houha

                             Gary Myers and John Durden

Big Largemouth     4.18     Chris Brunn

Big Smallmouth     4.12     James Shelton

Big Other Species   5.26  Catfish     Sam Henry

James and Mason Shelton

1st Place and Big Smallmouth

Bernie Prince and Sam Henry

2nd Place