2018 September Night Tournament

For the anglers that participated in the final night event of the summer, it was a beautiful, star filled night!   David Downs and Roger Heltsley continued their hot streak and brought in 14 pounds of largemouth bass, including the biggest bass of the event weighing 5.12 pounds!

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1.     4     14.66     David Downs and Roger Heltsley

2.     4     10.23     James Shelton and Ben Gore

3.     2       4.29     Dale Fentress and Bill Goodwin

4.     2       4.00     Steve Ladd and Jacob Barnes

5.     1       3.55     John Durden and Benjie Harper     

6.     -        7.45     Steve Ladd and Keith Kowen

7.     -        5.50     Cody Miller and Chris Law

Big Largemouth     5.12    Roger Heltsley

Big Smallmouth     3.55     Benjie Harper

Big Other Species     6.16   Drum   Chris Brunn

David Downs and Roger Heltsley

1st Place and Big Largemouth

Benjie Harper

Big Largemouth

Chris Brunn

Big Other Species