2018 May Club Event

Saturday, May 20th,    Finally a good bag of fish crossed the scales for 2018.   Scott Schrock and Thad Jones found some good fish on Ky Lake for the win!

Thad Jones and Scott Schrock

1st Place

Sam Henry

Big Largemouth

1.     5     16.31   Scott Schrock and Thad Jones

2.     5     12.34   Hunter Bowen and Ty Poe    

3.     2     9.28     Sam Henry

4.     3     7.56     Zach Thomas and Dillion Saturley

5.     1     3.64     David Downs and Skeeter Rolley

6.     1     3.62     DeWayne West and Debbie Hamby

7.     1     3.30     Chris and Michael Brunn

                           Cody Miller and Chris Law

                           Clint Huntsman  

                           James and Freddy Shelton

                           Steve Ladd and Steve Stinson

Big Largemouth     6.21     Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth     3.64     Zach Thomas

Big Other Species  .25   James Shelton   (White bass)

Dilion Saturley and Zach Thomas

Big Smallmouth

Ty Poe and Hunter Bowen

2nd Place