2018 August OPEN Event

As a tough summer of fishing is slowly winding down, it seems as though the night bite is just about the only way most anglers can catch a fish.   James Shelton and Scott Schrock got the win with an 18lb bag, including a 5.5 pound kicker fish.

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1.     5     18.39     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

2.     5     17.23     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

3.     5     14.84     Craig Hipsher and Ryan Hipsher

4.     5     12.89     Eddie Baggett and Jerry Hagewood

5.     3       5.79     Marshall Evans and Nathan Purdle

6.     2       4.70     John Durden and Benji Harper

7      2       4.64     Mike Starcher and Phil Sikes

8.     2       4.15     Billy and Will Kline. Jr

9.     2       3.60     Gary Houha and Hunter Shelton

                             David Hicks and Steve Higgins

                             Puggy DeBerry

                             James Major and Dale Fentress

                             Ethan Rodgers and Brian Denny

                             Michael and Ethan Travelstand

Big Largemouth     5.59     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

Big Smallmouth     4.21     Sam Henry and Brent McClard


Scott Schrock and James Shelton

1st Place and Big Largemouth

Brent McClard and Sam Henry

2nd Place and Big Smallmouth