2018 August Club Tournament

        Originally scheduled as a "4 Corners" event, the 6 boats that particapated unanimously decided to take the wind, as well as the low lake levels into consideration and postpone the special rules event until next summer.    Turns out the wind wasn't too bad, but the low levels would have made it difficult to cross the lake into each section.

         As for the fishing, it was fantastic!   In fact, take out the one boat that had to leave early due to mechinal issues, and all 5 remaining boats that weighed in culled multiple times for solid limits.  

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1.     5     20.17     James and Mason Shelton

2.     5     19.22     Clint Huntsman and Marshall Evans

3.     5     18.87     David Downs and Roger Heltsley

4.     5     15.46     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

5.     5     14.47     Cody Miller and Chris Law

(mechanical issues)   Chris and Michael Brunn

Big Largemouth     5.60     Roger Heltsley

Big Smallmouth     4.07     Brent McClard

Big Other Species   6.85 Drum     Brent McClard

James and Mason Shelton

1st Place

Clint and Marshall Evans

2nd Place

David Downs and Roger Heltsley

3rd Place and Big Largemouth