2017 Memorial Night Tournament

Altough the forecast was somewhat unstable, the skies remained clear and the night was beautiful.    A record 35 boats came with thoughts of cathcing a big bag of fish.   The biggest bag, including both Big Bass Pots were swept by Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo.   The Calloway County High School students brought in a giant bag of 24 pounds of bass!

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Top 12 Finishers

1.     5     24.32     Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo

2.     5     21.14     Ryan Coleman and Jordan Bozarth

3.     5     19.57     James Shelton and Scott Schrock

4.     5     18.33     Robert Stanford and Puggy Debury

5.     5     17.90     Rodney Seay and Brian Baker

6.     5     15.50     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

7.     5     15.45     Randall Watkins and Freddy Vaughn

8.     5     15.19     Kenny Morris and Jerry Wallace

9.     5     14.57     Tim Sparks and Barry Pendley     

10.   5     13.86     John Durden and Gary Myers

11.   5     13.60     Gary Houha and Matt Lynn     

12.   5     13.34     Drew Akins and Cody Miller

Big Largemouth     6.85     Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo

Big Smallmouth     4.81     Toby Allbritten and Clayton Bobo    

Clayton Bobo and Toby Allbritten

1st Place, Big Largemouth and Big Smallmouth

Ryan Coleman and Jordan Bozarth

2nd Place

Scott Schrock and James Shelton

3rd Place

Robert Stanford & Puggy Debury

4th Place