2017 June Club Night Tournament

This event was a make-up for last weeks cancellation.   The weather man was wrong again as the forecast was not what they were calling for.   Same situation this time, as the skies remained clear and the night was gorgeous!    

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1.     5     19.48     James Shelton and Ben Gore   **FOCAS CLUB RECORD**

2.     5     18.96     Clint and Emily Huntsman

3.     4     12.93     DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

4.     4     11.31     Steve Ladd and Keith Kowen

5.     -       ----        Thad Jones and Mason Shelton

6.     -       ----        Hunter Bowen and Ty Poe

7.     -       ----        James Major

Big Largemouth     5.76     Clint Huntsman

Big Smallmouth     5.24     James Shelton  

James Shelton and Ben Gore

1st Place and Big Smallmouth

Clint and Emily Huntsman

2nd Place and Big Largemouth