2017 February Club Tournament

After a good breakfast, anglers walked out to a drizzle that ended in a downpour for a good portion of the morning.  Coupled with a steady wind, some unprepared anglers found themselves with cold hands and cold wet shoes.   As the afternoon cleared up, the bite increased for a few fish being brought to the scales, but none came close to Scott Schrock and his guest, Zach Colbert.

Zach Colbert and Scott Schrock

1st Place

James Shelton

Big Smallmouth

Zach Martin and Allen Mullins

2nd Place

Big Largemouth

Zach Martin

Big Other Species

1.     5     21.50     Scott Schrock and Zach Colbert

2.     4     13.61     Zach Martin and Allen Mullins

3.     5     13.09     Brian Price and Bronson Rohrs

4.     4     12.65     James Shelton and Thad Jones

5.     5     12.00     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

6.     2      6.72      Drew Akins and Brandon Thompson

7.     2      5.48      Gary Myers and John Durden

8.     2      5.15      Clint and Emily Huntsman

9.     1      3.39      Cody Miller and Chris Law

-       -          --       Justin and Brandon Henderson

-       -          --       Rodney Seay and Moe Hazel

-       -          --       Steve Ladd and Wesley Rowland

Big Largemouth     7.42     Allen Mullins

Big Smallmouth     1.83     James Shelton

Big Other Species     10.27       Zach Martin     

Brian Price and Bronson Rohrs

3rd Place