2017 August "Mixed Bag" Night Event

      What a gorgeous August night!   The Good Lord blessed us with unseasonable cool temperatures!   The evening started off with a potluck picnic anchored by the world famous Sam Henry venison steaks.   Then after a brief devotion and prayer, 11 boats took to Ky lake searching for a mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth bass.

      This event proved to be tough, since its the lowest winning weight in 8 years.   Scott Schrock and his guest, Tyler Magan used a late rally to bag 4 keepers to narrowly seal the victory.

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1.     4     12.88     Scott Schrock and Tyler Magan

2.     5     12.23     Gary Myers and Chuck Crick

3.     5     12.14     James Shelton and Matt Snipes

4.     5     11.82     Sam Henry and Brent McClard

5.     3     11.23     Cody Miller and Drew Akins

6.     3       8.70     Steve Ladd and Wesley Rowland

7      2       6.91     Clint Huntsman and Chad Walker

8.     3       6.18     DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas

9      2       4.82     Mason Shelton and Freddy Shelton

10.   1       3.07     James Major and Terrence Young

                             Hunter Bowen and Scott Brown

Big Largemouth     6.47     Cody Miller

Big Smallmouth     3.94     Clint Huntsman

Big "Other Species"   9.78   Mason Shelton

Scott Schrock and Tyler Magan

1st Place

Gary Myers and Chuck Crick

2nd Place

Cody Miller

Big Largemouth


Clint Huntsman

Big Smallmouth

Mason Shelton

Big "Other Species"