This is the summer of Thunderstorms!   Once again, the day was sunny and beautiful, but at take-off time, Mother Nature fired up her dark, stormy clouds.    When the rain, wind, and lightening cleared around 9:00pm, the lake calmed down and the moon shinned bright.

        When the water warms up, so does the team of Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph.   Often bringing in hefty weigh bags, they didn’t disappoint as their 5 fish limit topped the 21 pound mark.

Top 10 Finishers

       5        21.07       Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph   ($357)

       5        20.69       Clint Huntsman and Chad Walker   ($215)

       5        19.00       Craig Hipsher and Corey York    ($145)

       5        17.59       Randy Swope and Jeff Slinkerd

       5        16.46       James Shelton and Eric Dixon

       5        15.39       Kevin Turner and W.F. Brooks      

       5        15.30       Mason Shelton and Thad Jones      

       5        14.16       Steve Ladd and Wesley Rowland

       5        13.37       Bobby Edwards and Bobby Edwards, Jr

       5        12.61       Sam Henry and Brent McClard

Big Largemouth Bass       5.89     Kevin Turner and W.F. Brooks    ($100)

Big Smallmouth Bass       4.72     Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph    ($100)

2016 July Open Night Tournament

Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph

1st Place

Big Smallmouth

Clint Huntsman and Chad Walker

2nd Place

Kevin Turner and W.F. Brooks 

Big Largemouth

Craig Hipsher and Corey York 

3rd Place