2016 “C’mon Partner” Event

This has to be the wettest summer on record!!!!!!!   FOCAS anglers have forgotten what its like to have a night tournament without the weather being a factor.   Just as the previous 5 Friday evenings, as the skies cleared around 9:30, it was a very pleasant night to fish.  

To change up things, FOCAS held an event called the C’mon Partner tournament.   This event is truly a team tournament because both anglers must have a keeper to have the maximum 3 fish limit.   If an angler doesn't manage a keeper, then his partner can only bring in 2 bass.  

Mason and James Shelton managed to find the winning stringer of bass, along with the Big Largemouth of the evening.  

       3        11.22       Mason and James Shelton 

       3          8.53       Scott Schrock and Tyson Bush        

       3          8.15       Sam Henry and Brent McClard    

       3          7.69       Steve Ladd and David Shanklin     

       2          6.27       John Durden and Bubba Dossett

       2          5.32       Thad Jones and Robert Stinson

Big Largemouth Bass       4.50     James Shelton  

Big Smallmouth Bass       4.09     Bubba Dossett    

Big Other Species Pot      1.28  Drum    Thad Jones

Mason and James Shelton

1st Place

Big Largemouth

Bubba Dossett

Big Smallmouth