2016 July Club Tourney

After a week of over 10 inches of rain, it was only fitting to have a massive storm hit exactly at take-off time.   Everyone stayed on dry land or under a dock while the high winds and “sideways” rain came through the Kenlake area.

As the skies cleared around 9:30, it was a very pleasant night to fish.   Sam Henry and Brent McClard managed to find the winning stringer of bass, along with the Big Largemouth and Big Smallmouth.  

       5        15.84       Sam Henry and Brent McClard     

       5        14.34       DeWayne West and Rodney Thomas   

       5        13.90       Wesley Pryor and Tomi Estes      

       4        12.89       Jordan Cessna and Kelby Chowning

       5          9.91       Gary Myers and John Durden

       3          8.33       James Shelton and David Downs    

       2          5.70       Mason Shelton and Ted Martin

       -           ---         Allen Woodard and Rodney Seay

Big Largemouth Bass       4.50     Sam Henry and Brent McClard  

Big Smallmouth Bass       4.68     Sam Henry and Brent McClard    

Big Other Species Pot      9.42  Drum    Wesley Pryor

Brent McClard and Sam Henry

1st Place

Big Smallmouth

Big Largemouth

Wesley Pryor

Big Other Species