2016 August Open Night Tournament

       Two things have been consistent this summer.....Thunderstorms and the team of Lovett and Rudolph!     After a sunny day and a stormy evening, the lake calmed down and Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph went to work on another winning stringer out of the 20 boats that showed braving the weather.


Top 10 Finishers

       5        22.43       Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph   ($420)

       5        21.76       James Shelton and Scott Schrock  ($250)

       5        20.98       Craig Hipsher and Mike Chapman ($168)

       5        16.64       Clint Huntsman and Chad Walker  

       5        14.88       Sam Henry and Brent McClard     

       5        14.60       Brian Taylor and Brad Hutchinson

       5        12.51       Kevin Turner and W.G. Brooks      

       5        12.08       David Downs and Skeeter Rolley      

       5        11.73       Steve Ladd and Wesley Rowland

       5          8.55       Justin and Brandon Henderson

Big Largemouth Bass       6.37     Craig Hipsher and Mike Chapman    ($100)

Big Smallmouth Bass       4.72     Sam Henry and Brent McClard    ($100)

Derrick Lovett and Donnie Rudolph

1st Place

Scott Schrock and James Shelton

2nd Place

Mike Chapman and Craig Hipsher 

3rd Place

Big Largemouth

Sam Henry

Big Smallmouth