Sam Henry

Member since 2011

Hometown:  Murray, KY

Occupation:  Self employed electrician

Wife: Carla

Children: Hannah

Church: New Concord Church of Christ

Fishing experience: 53 years

Who got me fishing: Granddad for general fishing, but dad for bass fishing

Favorite time of year to fish: Early Spring Prespawn

Favorite Lure: Rouge/jerkbait

Boat and Motor: Triton/Mercury

Favorite out-of-area body of water: Lake Fork and Table Rock

Dream Trip: Fishing Kentucky Lake with Wally Marshall, my dad and my granddad.

Memorable childhood fishing trip:  Many nights spent in blood river or cypress bay in a 14’ Jon boat with mom, dad, and my two sisters with a lantern hanging over the side and lines dropped for Crappie, Stripe, or Catfish.

3-time Classic Champion