John Durden

Member since 2016

Hometown:  Hopkinsville, KY

Occupation:  Bank of Cadiz

Wife: Leigh

Children: Boomer (our dog)

Church: First United Methodist Church

Fishing experience: 50 years

Who got me fishing:  My dad

Favorite time of year to fish:  Summer Nights

Favorite Lure: Swimbait

Boat and Motor: Skeeter/Yamaha

Favorite out-of-area boDudy of water: Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Panama City Beach

Dream Trip: During the annual tarpon run in Boca Raton with Jordan Lee, Kenny Mayne and Curly off of the Three Stooges

Memorable childhood fishing trip:  Catching Bonita off the PCB pier with my Pop when I was barely tall enough to see over the rail.