"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

                        Matt 4:18-19

Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society


        The FOCAS Classic was designed to reward the members that participated in the majority of the events during the season.   On even numbered years, a daytime Classic is held with a traditional 5 fish limit.   However, on odd numbered years, a night Classic with a 3 Largemouth limit and a 3 smallmouth limit is implemented.   The Classic champion is determined by combining those two categories.  

        In this no-entry event, teams are fishing for a traveling trophy with all past winners engraved on the sides, as well as a portion of the funds that are generated throughout the season, mainly from our OPEN events.  Before the payout is set each Classic, FOCAS removes 10% to tithe to a church, Christian-based group, or even an individual to use toward a mission trip, which is decided by participants before take-off of the event.

Here is a brief rundown of the past 10 events:

2010 (Day) James and Mason Shelton won the inaugural event with 3 fish for 7lbs from Kentucky Lake.

2011 (Night) Sam Henry and Kyle McElhaney brought 3 nice largemouth to the scales to capture the crown with 9lbs.  16 largemouth were weighed to only 4 smallmouth!

2012 (Day)  With only 5 bass caught by all anglers, Mark and John Bray swept all pots with 5lbs of bass, big LM, Big SM and Big Other with a 6lb rockfish.

2013 (Night) James and Mason Shelton captured their 2nd Classic title with a combined weight of 17.41bs.  Scott Schrock and Cameron Brooks also set the heaviest 3 Smallmouth with 8.12lbs.

2014 (Day) For the 2nd daytime Classic in a row, the Bray brothers won with a Classic record of 11.67lbs.  James Shelton snagged the Classic record Big Other with 17.95lb Asian Carp.

2015 (Night) Even without landing a smallmouth, Scott Schrock’s 3 record catching largemouth was enough to seal the win with 12lbs.

2016 (Day) With 20 mins left to fish, Mason Shelton landed a 3.1 largemouth and a few minutes later, his partner Thad Jones caught a record 6.24 bass to win the Classic title.

2017 (Night) After combining both categories, Sam and Hannah Henry hoisted the trophy with 15.07 pounds.

2018 (Day)  Talk about tough fishing!   Only 3 bass crossed the scales with David Downs and Roger Heltsley bringing in the biggest at 2.4lbs

2019 (Night) Even though they didn’t win the top weight in either category, they’re consistency paid off as Sam Henry and Steve Ladd won the title with a combined weight of 10.38lbs!

2020 (Day)  Lake Barkley produced Clint Haley's winning stringer of 9.44 pounds narrowly capturing his first Classic win!

2021 (Night) The pre tourney weather cleared up allowing the moon to shine through and James Shelton and Curtis Smith landed a bass in the last 5 minutes to climb into the Classic Title.