Picnic & "C'Mon Partner" Event

Meet at 6:00pm at the Kenlake Pavilion

FOCAS will host the members of CAST for a meal, devotional time and afterward we will launch and begin the "C'Mon Partner" format tournament!

Kenlake Ramp

7:00pm to 2:00am

$40.00 entry

(includes smallmouth, largemouth, and “other species” pots)

**Special Rule**  The limit is 3 fish per boat; however, only 2 fish can come from one angler.  The third fish must be from the other partner.   For example, Charlie can have two, but Bill must have the third fish.  Charlie can cull his fish higher in weight, but only Bill can cull his fish.   Fishing alone will only allow you to weigh in 2 fish, so grab a partner!

At least one of the two anglers must be an active FOCAS/CAST member.

The entry fee will be $40.00 per boat.    

Please try to be there by 6:00pm for food, fellowship and a prayer meeting. 

Club Night Tournament Rules: 

            -Five fish limit per boat.

            -Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Spotted Bass measuring 15" will be weighed.

            -Late penalty is total DQ. 

            -Anglers cannot be under the influence or illegal drugs at any FOCAS event.

            -There will be a 1/2 pound deduction for each dead fish.