MLF Format Club Tournament

Little River ONLY




1.  We will go with a measurement system that uses a premade chart that will give an estimated weight for the length of the fish.   We used this last season and it worked well for us.  So bring a measuring board!  We will use the nearest LOWEST ¼” and use that as your measurement.  So a 14-⅛” bass will go with 14”, not 14-¼ inch.  If your fish is 19+ inches, drop it in the livewell and report “OVER” on the scoretracker and we will weigh it after the quarter.

2. EACH boat must also have a designated person to record and notify the other boats of scoretracker updates.   We will create a group text with a member of each boat.    When a scorable bass is caught, you will measure the fish, write it on your scoresheet and then notify the group text of the weight of the scoreable bass AND your current team total.     

     For example: Charlie and Robert catch their 3rd bass and its a 2.7lb bass.   Record it on the team scoresheet and then send a group text saying this: Charlie/Robert 2.7 LM for 6.2 total


3.  Little River is the ONLY allowable water for this event.   Time schedule:

               6:00-8:30      Period 1

               8:30-8:45      Return to Ramp area  

               8:45-11:15    Period 2   (launch according to leaderboard)

               11:15-11:30  Return to Ramp area

               11:30-2:00    Period 3   (launch according to leaderboard)

               2:00    Lines out and trailer boat for picture collection and award $$$$


4. You can fish up to the end of the period, but a fish must be in the boat by the end of the period to count.  Then immediately come back to the ramp designated area. 


5.  The minimum scorable bass will be 1 pound, but the length depends on the species. Largemouth will start at 12” and Smallmouth at 13”.


6.  Since this is a catch and release event, once you have scored the fish, if it is at least a 3 pounder, please snap a photo of you holding it.  If you upgrade, snap another picture of your newest biggest.   We will collect the photos at the end of the event for the website.   


7.  There is still a Big Largemouth, Big Smallmouth and Big Other Pot.  For both the Largemouth and Smallmouth Pots, if it is under 19”, measure it, photograph it, release it, and report it via the scoretracker.   If over 19 inches, you’ll be bringing it in after the quarter anyways.     If you catch a Big Other and have a digital scale, weigh it, snap a pic holding it and release it.  If no scale, bring it in at the end of the period.    PLEASE NOTE:   Any fish that does not have a picture taken along with it, DOES NOT COUNT toward the Big Fish Award!