Family Picnic and

Club Night Tournament

Meet at 6:15pm for a Family Meal at the Fenton Pavilion.  Afterward, we will launch and begin the tournament!

Fenton Ramp

$40.00 entry

(includes smallmouth, largemouth, and “other species” pots)

7:00pm to 2:00am

At least one of the two anglers must be an active FOCAS member.

You may trailer to any ramp on Barkley or Kentucky.

The entry fee will be $40.00 per boat.    

Please try to be there by 6:00pm for food, fellowship and a prayer meeting. 

Club Night Tournament Rules: 

            -Five fish limit per boat.

            -Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Spotted Bass measuring 15" will be weighed.

            -Late penalty is total DQ. 

            -Anglers cannot be under the influence or illegal drugs at any FOCAS event.

            -There will be a 1/2 pound deduction for each dead fish.