“Four Corners” Club Night Tourney

7:00pm to 2:00am

Kenlake Ramp

$40.00 entry

(includes smallmouth, largemouth, and “other species” pots)

Special Rules for this Event;

Kentucky Lake will be divided into 4 Corners:  Each area will be divided by the Bridge and the Main Channel.   Here are the 4 areas:

North West Side

North LBL Side

South LBL Side

South West Side

Before take-off each boat will draw to see which corner they will begin in.   After take-off, each boat will get to fish anywhere they choose for 1 hour.   But at 8:00, boats must be in the corner of the lake that they drew at the meeting.  Each quarter will last 1 hour and 30 minutes.  At 9:30, each boat will leave their corner and head to the next corner.   (1 will go to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 1)

For example:   Team A draws #3

7:00-8:00    Fish anywhere

8:00-9:30    #3 corner

9:30-11:00    #4 corner

11:00-12:30  #1 corner

12:30-2:00    #2 corner