(Registration at 7:30pm.  A meal will be served after the weigh-in)

Lake Barkley State Ramp


There will be awards for Big Fish, Most Fish, and Most Total Weight for each of the two division

                    8 and under

                    9-15 year olds.


Only the fish caught by the children shall be brought back to the weigh-in.   Please use your best judgment for how much help that the children need, such as baiting, casting and setting the hook.

We want to teach the children to follow the rules and regulations, so we will abide by all size limits.  (For example, Bass is 15 inches, crappie is 10 inches) 

You may begin fishing at 8:00 and be back to the weigh-in location by 11:00 sharp!  

 Please try to keep the fish alive so that we can practice catch and release unless you plan to take the fish home to eat.

You can fish from the bank or a boat, please practice boater safety by using your lifejackets!

Kids Fishing Derby