FOCAS is open to any person, regardless of race, denomination or gender.   The goal is to be willing to use your hobby of fishing as a ministry for the people of our area.  In the process, your relationship with other Christians will strengthen as well.

April 8

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Saturday, February 25



Registration begins at 6:10


(includes Big Largemouth and Big Smallmouth Pots)

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OPEN Buddy Bass Tournament

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Feb 25

Mar 25

Our website is gettng a new look for the 2017 season!  Unfortunately, this means some of the beginning data from 2003 will not be available to view at this time.

Don't worry, everything is still saved, it will just have to be entered back in individually, which simply means it will take some time.  

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

                        Matt 4:18-19

Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society


Located in Western Kentucky